Grigio & Ruby – Closed

Grigio & BamBam – Closed

Bam Bam 4 pups

Our past puppies

These previous pups exhibits the preferred style of ear crops, they are shown at different stages of life.  Direct your attention to the various head types, how well they are structured, along with the determined chin that exposes the cane corso under-shot bite.  Please enjoy this educational segment that  illustrates the variety of corsos I’ve produced.




“Probably the most happy/ rambunctious little guy I’ve ever seen. Cannot imagine not having him in my life now. Hes brought so much joy to my life already. Cannot thank you enough. Also very fearless. Didnt grumble at the storms at all the other night. Little guy is a champ👌🙏 cannot wait to see him keep growing”

“Your really the best me and the wife was talking about that a few days ago”

“I really appreciate everything you’ve taught me & I really don’t have anyone reliable that could assist me that really knows what they’re doing”

“Thank you for giving me my best friend, he’s perfect”

Bruce G. Harr