Grigio comes to us from Angela of confidential kennels in California. Grigio has epic blood for his papa is Xerxes a 6 time champion being of a slate blue at 133 lbs in size. Grigio’s grandpa has won best of breed in the 2011 Westminster show, and his name is big show Leonitus. He is a very strong stud having done a semen analysis on him , scoring a 98%, having less then 2% defects. There will be a copy of this test in everyone’s packet. He has an incredible personality along having a perfect structure with the perfect teeth alignment of the slight, undershot bite.


He is our hero.  Hero definitely possess all the qualities we require and look for, intelligent, graceful, alert and a great protector.  All of these keen skills and add great stature along with strong senses makes up our, Hero.  He is a 2 time champion of both the AKC and SACCI associations and has won “Best of Breed” 8 times!  He is also sired by Torro, the same as our Brenna, which entails strong reproductive combs that will enhance in the production of the pups.  Hero is also a product of Custodi-No’s kennels of Serbia.  His OFA reads “Good”.  Hero remains with us and is an outstanding model of what future pup production could become.


Dinosio is a select male we use in our breeding program, i produced Dino with our 2 time champion Dulce , and mama being top bitch of 2012 eastern semi finals, Chanel

Bruce G. Harr